Install a Drip Irrigation System of Marketing

Are you familiar with a drip irrigation system? It is an ingenious method of delivering water in small amounts directly to the plants in a garden. It is a very efficient way to distribute the water since water is only delivered where it is needed and in minute, targeted amounts. You can even set it up on a timer so that the watering occurs while you aren’t even around.

The system can be designed with zones that can be opened and closed with valves. There are even valves to shut off individual lines of water controlling the amount of water to specific areas. It’s a truly enjoyable experience to relax in your patio chair or swing, drinking a cool drink on a hot day in a dry season and know that all the plants about you are being watered. No more manual lugging the hose here and there in the far reaches of the garden making sure everything will survive. No more guilt if the plants look thirsty. With a simple punch of the timer button and a check that all is going well, watering is handled.

Think about installing a drip irrigation system for your marketing. What would that look like? It would mean that you have created a fairly automatic system for delivering your Core Marketing Message directly to your target audience, with no waste of resources. Your target market is kept current about your offerings. Consistent messaging keeps you “top of mind” when a need for your services arises. The steady preset message dripping creates the familiarity that eventually can lead to purchasing decisions.

What would an automatic drip irrigation marketing system look like? One great way to “install” such a system is to write a regular e-zine that goes out to your subscriber base. To attract subscribers, you provide content with high value, that people actually look forward to reading. What is the information about your services that will be most beneficial to potential customers?

Don’t worry a lot about “giving away the store”. Most people are not great at followthrough so they will still need your services. The others are opportunists who would never buy anyway…but they may refer others who will buy. Another excellent way to drip your marketing onto potential clients is a blog. Again, providing useful information that your target market is seeking is the key here. Some things to remember about blogging is that they are not not screened by spam filters. Blogs can be fed directly by RSS feed to subscribers. A different segment of your target audience looks for information on blogs rather than e-zines.

The most important “drip” component for most businesses is an effective web site. Having a web site that “sells” for you 24/7 is absolutely the most important tool for most businesses. Without an effective web site, your business does not “exist” to your target market. If you create your web site correctly, you will attract your target clients who are already pre-sold on what you offer.

Another great “drip” technique is some sort of contact management system that lets you store, retrieve info, and stay in touch with potential clients. This will allow you to inquire about activities your contact talked about during your last conversation, give them a call for their birthday, or remember if you had talked about meeting again or connecting at an event.

For some businesses, postcard campaigns can also be a great drip irrigation technique. You can use postcards to promote current “specials” or new offerings. A series of postcards delivered over time facilitates familiarity. While they are not for every business, they are perfect for some offerings of some businesses.

Give thought to installing a drip irrigation system to your marketing “garden”. Provide information consistently that nurtures your customer relationships. There’s a good bit of work involved in the setup, but the results can be spectacular.

Suzi Elton provides business writing that attracts targeted prospects to your service business and converts them into clients for you. She is a Robert Middleton Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach, as well as a professional writer. Her website offers a free series of 8 assessments you can use to analyze your own site.

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Funded Proposal Advantage – What a Top Tier Direct Seller Needs to Know

For the last few years, network marketing has been going through a transformation. The funded proposal advantage came about as a solution to the two things that most network marketers struggle with. The first is lack of money to do the marketing needed to generate the leads. The second is a lack of leads to generate the money. Our series has taken a look at the world of multi level marketing and how the Internet has changed the industry. At one time, it was the best option for people who wanted to set their own hours, run a business, and be the boss.

Unfortunately, the Internet has all but dealt a death-blow to the business model by focusing on instant information and gratification. For many people new to network marketing, they are on the hunt for the next, best product or highest commission. Stability has been left behind. As a result many experienced network marketers are left adrift, wondering where to turn for financial security. The funded proposal advantage is that is supplies a steady revenue stream while generating the leads for campaigns that are focused on the main product. This method complements the Get Paid Today concept.

Many top tier direct sellers are using this technique to stay competitive and profitable. The funded proposal advantage is that it is based on offering a low cost product or service that is related to the top tier products offered. This could be anything from low cost “how to” videos on network marketing techniques to a motivational coaching session. This is a product in and of itself and it focuses on your personal branding to build a relationship with the customer and potential business partner. You are not trying to sell your own products at this stage.

Your goal is to help others by offering these products. People that are looking for ways to become more successful in their own MLM will come to you and consider you an expert. The funded proposal advantage is that it helps separate the serious business owner from the window shoppers. You have now built leads that are qualified and warm. Once they follow your advice and see that it works, they will be more receptive to hearing about and purchasing your primary products. Now you have the target audience you want and have been bringing in revenue throughout every stage of the process. No longer do you need to struggle with a lack of money or shortage of qualified leads.

Carbon Copy Pro – Is it Real or Just Another Over Hyped Internet Marketing System?

Well done for doing your due diligence and research into Carbon Copy Pro. My intention with this article is to provide a brief overview of Carbon Copy Pro based on my own research before I joined and as a member. Like you, when I first came across this opportunity, I had a number of questions which I needed to get answered:

Is it a Scam?
What is it?
Will it work for me?
Is it a Scam?

No a scam is act of deception. for example; an approach with an offer too good to be true that usually is; with unsubstantiated income claims, via email, phone, text-message or post with high pressure for you to sign up. During my own research, I did not encounter any material which was not substantiated and completely honest. The system, training, people and income opportunities are real. It is up to you to make good use of what is provided. There are people who believe that CCPro is a scam because they charge a $49 application fee.

However, the application fee is used to screen out people who are not serious about running a serious home based business. The $49 application fee is refundable if an applicant has a change of mind and decides not to join. So you can have a risk free review of the whole system.

What is it?

It is a direct marketing system for home based business owners and was designed by the founder Jay Kubassek to promote any business online. This system is created keeping in mind your specific work from home needs and is aimed at equipping you with tools that will assist you to sell almost anything to anybody on the internet.

This system is a simple marketing system that will train you to sell high ticket priced items. There is a complete back office support system with full training which is constantly evolving and a community of like minded entrepreneurs to support you.

This system is however is reserved for serious entrepreneurs who want success and thus it is designed in such a way. It is also a multi-level marketing (MLM) business system which involves being recruited in order to sell a product or service that actually has some inherent value.

CCPro has teamed up to promote a company called Wealth Master International. Wealth Master International is a direct sales company that sells education on financial solutions through its books, DVDs, and conferences. This product is well established and pays substantial commissions on sales to its affiliates.

As a recruit, you can make a profit from the sales of the product or service, so you don’t necessarily have to recruit more salespeople below you. And while you may be encouraged to recruit other salespeople whose sales would give you more profit, you can stick to just selling the product directly to the consumer if you choose.” The products that Carbon Copy Pro sell is the books, DVDs, and wealth conferences.

Will Carbon Copy Pro Work for Me?

During my own research, I have seen many websites and online videos that give mostly positive reviews. There are other sites that give negative reviews and at the end of those articles or videos they will introduce another system that is similar. They will tell you how great their system is in comparison so that you will sign up with them instead.

It is normal to have good and bad reviews, however, many of those reviews are advertisements to get people to sign up with other “Get Rich Quick” programs. There are three levels you can join. The higher the level you join the higher the cost but the greater the opportunity for you to make more money.

With any business opportunity you are making an investment. So before you join, you will need to understand that this is not a get rich quick opportunity. To be successful you will need to be motivated to succeed and prepared to put in the time and effort to be coached and guided. If like me you don’t have internet marketing experience diving into the unknown can be scary. However, with the help and guidance from Carbon Copy Pro I have quickly gained sufficient knowledge to enable me to market on the internet and generate traffic, leads and sales. As with any other investment you consider making, it is important to ask the right questions to help you make the right decision.


So it is not a scam it is a real Home Based Internet Marketing System designed by Jay Kubassek to enable you to sell anything to anyone on the internet, with a particular focus on enabling you to sell high value products and earn high commissions. There are three levels of entry with different costs and different income potentials. The full back office support infrastructure is constantly evolving and upgrading with market leading training, coaching and community support. To be successful you need to be motivated, focussed and willing to put consistent time and effort into your business and your personal development.

I hope this brief overview has given you a better understanding of Carbon Copy Pro. However, I do not think this is enough for you to reach a conclusion and I would recommend that if you are serious about starting an online business you complete an application form to find out more. Get a second opinion and do some more research before placing your money anywhere.

Entrepreneurs Collapse of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) – It’s All About the People

In previous articles, we have touched on what a multi-level marketing business model is and how it works. There are also some common misconceptions about MLM’s. They are often portrayed as a quick and easy way to make money. A lot of money. Many people buy into the hype because the basic premise of sounds good. Work now to create your network and reap the benefits later. After all, who doesn’t want to retire early and continue to bring in a profit? There are many reasons for the entrepreneurs collapse of multi level marketing (MLM). To begin, most people who sign up to become distributors are very enthusiastic.

This is great for their sponsor who has hooked them on achieving financial freedom. The recruitment method often involves convincing a person that if they believe strongly in their own success and follow the steps laid out for them, they will succeed. Unfortunately, these would be entrepreneurs collapse of multi level marketing (MLM). Even if their mentor provides them with valuable information, the recruits often drop out within six months. One of the reasons for this is that most people are natural followers, not leaders. They have a “9 to 5″ mentality that does not encourage out of the box thinking, or outside what they consider “normal”.

As soon as they get tired of working their leads and generating traffic that is unproductive, they follow the next promise of wealth. They flit from product to product, network to network like butterflies, winding their way through a field of flowers, stopping at the next inviting bloom. Many experienced distributors have looked ahead and seen that MLM’s are becoming a dying breed. More and more are moving to funded proposals while they structure their business around top tier direct sales. The transfer of network marketers from the traditional business model means the entrepreneurs collapse of multi level marketing (MLM).

In top tier direct sales, the products sold are of a higher caliber than those sold by multi level marketers. They are also more expensive and target a different audience. The entrepreneurs collapse of multi level marketing (MLM) means that there is an entire industry looking for products to represent. Get paid today is a concept that has come out of the waning MLM era. It allows top tier direct marketers to make money on the products they sell today, rather than waiting for monthly or even quarterly checks. Cash flow becomes consistent and there is no reliance on the stability of a down line for security.